Climb Trees Every Day

by Dan Kemp

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It's summer and I thought it was about time to get some more up to date material out there.

They are live, one mic recordings that we recorded over a couple of days in between recording parts for the new ash victim release-

Thanks for the Trouser flapping manor for letting us take over their living room and Ash Victim for recording the tracks and playing banjo/singing on track 7 and special thanks to Tamara Webster for drawing the deer


released June 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Dan Kemp Bristol, UK

Dan is a folk singer and fiddle player with occasional forays into punk and ska music. He sings and plays wherever he gets the chance, whether that's busking around Europe, performing at a punk gig or playing the fiddle at a folk session. He is also a member Will Tun and the Wasters and regularly collaborates with Ash Victim ... more

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Track Name: Cordoba
It's so damn bright and hot today
And those old rainclouds have blown off far away
and i know back home it's like as not rainy and grey
and i'm glad i'm here and getting sorely tempted just to stay

I know i'm going to have to return
I've got friends unfinished business and lessons unlearned
but there's also jobs and rent and, money to earn
i treat responsibility like i do being burned

and i know i'll be back in a few weeks time
telling everyone my stories and hanging up my hitching signs
it'll be cold outside and wet all day, I'll lament and wish i stayed
and start counting down the days until the next time we go away

I'm tired but I'm happy on the road
my mind and soul unburdened makes up for my heavy load
at night i'll sleep undeer the stars the wasteland my abode
a lullaby of birdsong and the constant rivers flow

There's so much more of this continent to see
but right now i can't think of anywhere i would rather be
don't remember the last time that i felt this happy
did i really have to travel such a long way to feel free?

And when i'm sat at home, my mind is on the road
my heart is yet to find a place to call it's own
so i'll keep moving on until i find
a place where i belong
Track Name: In Defence of Direct Action
Me and my friends we don't want chaos, we want to be free
Me and my friends we don't want disorder we want liberty
and is it so bad to ant to take a bit more responsibility
for the way that we act for the things that we do and for our communities

How can you say we're the dangerous ones
they're the ones waving batons and holding prison keys
we're not the ones you should fear we're the only ones fighting your side
When one million marching got nothing more than an admission in hind-site they shouldn't have gone to war
when will you wake up we're not your enemies

When every one of your hard fought rights is a product to be sold
you took them for granted but people died for every one I'm told
And all each one was was a little bit more rope that's beginning to wrap round your throat
Will you help us tear the gallows down or let yourself choke

How can you say we're the dangerous ones
they're the ones filming you're every move on t.v.
we're not the ones you should fear we're the only ones fighting your side
when they'll shoot a man down with impunity, slaughter countless civilians when they're overseas
when will you wake up, we're not you're enemy

We're taught to strive to climb as high as we can on that social scale
taught to compete and to trample the weak and despise the poor and the frail
and if you succeed then you'll get to breath the rarefied air at the top
but I don't want to trample nobody, nor be trodden on

How can you say we're the dangerous ones
We're the ones waving banners and holding out hands
we're not the ones you should fear we're the only ones fighting your side
So put down your paper turn off the TV
come walk outside and pretty soon you'll see
just who is your real enemy

Well I know you think we're just violent thugs who want to smash up the system
and petulant kids with chips on our shoulders and nothing better to do
but at worst it's naive to think things should be
a little bit fairer and a little bit free
in a world not ruled by governments and big companies
and eventually to have a society without hierarchy
Track Name: Thou Mayest
This song has been sung before, in countless ages through the depths of history
The words may change but the meaning stays the same, in mans endless search for liberty
The feeling that there's something more, weather in this life or in the next
A wanderlust a force that drives us on, urging every man to do his best

it say's 'I don't know where we're going, I don't know where i want to be
and all i care is that when we get there, we're somewhere that we can be free

What drove those first men upstanding, up from the dust down from the trees
east of eden over all of the earth, across the ice flows and the seas
from whence came that spark of invention, the urge to understand earths mysteries
that steadfast spirit of endurance, defiant against famine and disease

But it's not always been a forward march of progress, there have been many traps and pitfalls along the way
liars and fools often shout loudest, as they still do to this day
And who are these great deceivers, who would forge gods and laws and truths along the way
they are those glorious leaders, who would sacrifice a whole world for there own gain

So give me the mark of Cain over the sacrifice of Abel
Don't tell me we had no chance since they built the tower of Babel
How could you blame Adam if he knew not good from evil
And tell me that it's sinful, to put my faith in people
'Cos I believe we have a choice, to do what's wrong or right
So don't damn us with your judgement whilst we're still in the fight
And if you didn't blame all our problems on original sin
Then maybe you'd try harder to take care of this world that we're living in
Track Name: Losing the Game
I never opted in
I never had any say
if those are the rules
then It's a game I don't want to play

they use scapegoats and emergencies
controversiaL policies
that shift our gaze so we don't see
the problems as a whole
that's not to say that we don't still
need to fight every battle
use every part of our will
and always make a stand

they say don't bite the hand that feeds you
but when that same hand thieves from you
every little thing you do
to resist is necessary
in every way they decieve you
at every stage they bleed from you
don't forget they still need you
for there supposed legitimacy

they say you have a choice
they just don't give you many options
they say you have a voice
as long as you don't cause too much disruption

feel free to protest and dissent
as long as you have got consent
As long as you keep paying your rent
and only debate the allowed content
but as soon as you become a threat
they'll come down like a ton of lead
to keep the sanctity of property
and deference to authority

It shouldn't be a radical position
to point out the problems with our current condition
poverty and hunger caused by greed
exploitation and climate change caused by things that we don't need

It's not some great conspiracy
we're not literally brainwashed by TV
But the dominant Ideology of our supposed democracy
that the markets must be free
and the capitalist confidence trick
combined with authoritarian politics
makes for a system that makes me feel sick
I'll never give my consent
Track Name: The Buzz
as i was out a walking in the merry may morning
i passed a fallen trunk that was humming oh within
it soon became apparent what was causing all the din
as a thousand honey bees were flying out and in

oh the buzzing of the bees, the buzzing of the bees
as they bumble through the jungle of the verdant leafy trees
there are very few sounds that can make me feel so pleased
as the buzzing of the fuzzy little bees

it's a lovely sight to see on a summers day
a busy little honey bee out on a new foray
a stomach full of honey to take her on her way
as she meanders through the hazy skies to find a fresh bouquet

the rumble of a bumble bee as it drones in the blue
cruising through the bushes like a small b52
saddle bags of pollen a fluffy white bottom
let it never be forgotten that the plants depend on you

the buzzing of the bees oh the buzzing of the bees
in the wildflower meadows lilting on the fragrant breeze
there are very few sounds that can make me feel so pleased
as the buzzing of those fuzzy little bees

if intensive farming and pollution have their way
the blue skies and the meado ws may fall deathly quite one day
so lets help our furry insect friends so they'll be here to stay
cos the future will be sweeter if there's honey on our plates
Track Name: Climb Trees Every Day
please don't call me immature just because i love to feel
the rough bark scrape my fingers and the cool moss against my cheek
and while you stand around i'm thirty feet above the ground
swinging in the breeze this is how i feel free

i want to climb trees every day
until the day that i die
i never felt so alive
as when i feel like i could touch the sky

I'm always jealous of the birds when i see them on the wing
I wish i could fly with them to the warm south until spring
and soar up in the clear air and look down on everything
so I'll climb as high as i can get and with them i will sing

To climb up in a beech tree and feel it's solid boughs beneath me
as the sunlight filters down to bath me in it's cool green light
and though the climb up wasn't easy it's the surest way to please me
I'm swaying like i'm at sea and feeling truly happy

one last thing i will say before i disappear
come upo here and join me you can see so far from here
for it's good for your body and even better for your soul
and i swear that I'm never going to fall