Dig for Victory

by Dan Kemp

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released February 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Dan Kemp Bristol, UK

Dan is a folk singer and fiddle player with occasional forays into punk and ska music. He sings and plays wherever he gets the chance, whether that's busking around Europe, performing at a punk gig or playing the fiddle at a folk session. He is also a member Will Tun and the Wasters and regularly collaborates with Ash Victim ... more

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Track Name: Balaclava
You don't own this country you can't chain it with your laws
I can ride these country roads and walk across the moors
You don't own the rivers or the forests and the trees
and the fish the fruit the animals are the food gods given me

'cos this land is our land we all share this country
it's not owned by big buisness or by the powers that be
though i can understand the laws that keep you safe at night
i'll never stand for any law that takes away our rights

they try to keep you in the towns where video cameras follow you round
the want to take my DNA and keep it on a database
and if i want to catch a fish or busk I need a licence
but ive got a right to be heard as well as to stay silent

I'll carry a stick because I'm getting old
I'll wear a balaclava because England's bloody cold
and if I was to carry a knife I'll always take a fork
and if you think I'm tresspassing im going for a walk
Track Name: Song for England
over rolling downland and golden fields
the kestrel hovers and the red kite wheels
bright berry laden hawthorn and meadow of wild flower
the dappled sunlight if the beech woods shady bower
the white horse prances on the green hillside
the pebbles clatter under shiting tide

this is the land ion which i grew
old england i do love you

red brick citys and roman roads
ancient hillforts and norman strongholds
winding cobbled streets and standing stones
great cathederals for dead saints bones
standing through the ages great and small
from offas dyke to hadrians wall

the flag of saint george means nothing to me
much more important is love and unity
ive stood on these streets in the heat and the cold
children have danced ive got smiles from the old
and the one thing that keeps amazing me
is just how generous people can be

this is the land on which i grew
old england i still love you
Track Name: Asphalt and Iron
asphalt and iron rivers of people cross the land
like busy little ants but they each feel so grand
and out through this great metropolis i travel alone
sun glints off the rooftops as i roll ever on

and it's here today, who knows where tomorrow
for i run with the wind and go where the river flows
i make no plans i know i can't keep
where i end up each evening is where i rest my feet

now through the country great channels are cut
they blast through the hills and built great viaducts
but i'll follow paths that are long trodden down
that roll with the country between village and town

think how much of this land you must miss
as you flash past on the motorway you catch but a glimpse
but someone once told me this valuable tip
that the destination is but a small part of the trip

i know so little of the land of my birth
of the lusty coastline and the fertile earth
and all of its people the humble and the great
for a country is its people not the land or the state

As i roll along this track, ever onwards not looking back
to pastures new and unexplored, to sample the delights each place affords
For Ive been static far too long, my urge to roam is growing strong
so i'll leave this little grey town,
and before i return i'll travel the whole world around
Track Name: Mighty Oaks
i know that its hard to reach the top of the tree
but thats just not a problem for me
cos i fell out of it a long time ago
but ill start again with no further delay
ill plant an acorn while the birds are away
and then stand back to watch it grow

mighty oaks mighty oaks spring forth
from humble beginnings you climb so high
for you are built up from the earth and the rain
and one day you will fall back down again
mighty oaks spring forth

so fall far from the tree as far as you can
dont be overshadowed nor cut by man
so bask in the sunlight spread your leaves and bear fruit
for out of the strong there comes something sweet
and under your branches ill find a shady seat
and they'll nest in your boughs and in burrows between your roots
Track Name: Coming Home
I've made a lot of friends and not as many enemies
slept on peoples floors and laid beneath the trees
sung into a thousand mics and in many busy towns
sat around and seen the sights, had a drink and bought the rounds
flung myself into fights, well i've been lost but now i'm found
and darling now im coming home to you

Coming home to you darling coming home to you
baby now im coming home to you
had a drink i bought the rounds,
Ive been lost but now i'm found
and darling now i'm coming home to you

I've stood at the roadside in the wind the rain and the cold
had great conversations with people young and old
i've got lifts in vintage cars and been dumped out in the sticks
played and drank in lots of bars, had stuff nicked and learnt some tricks
never thought i'd get this far, well i've been broke but now im fixed
and darling now im coming home to you

Coming home to you darling coming home to you
baby now im coming home to you
had stuff nicked and learnt some tricks,
i've been broke but now im fixed
but darling now im coming home to you
Track Name: Time to Go
i was born just down the road
just shy of 22 years ago
but somehow i just seem to know
its time for me to go

i was raised here on this street
its where me and my friends would meet
the ghostly echos of their feet
tell me its time to leave

where will you go?
i dont know

my grandad he was born and raised
around here and thats where he stayed
untill the day he passed away
but thats not the life for me

cause in my mind i always saw
myself standing on different shores
that i was going to explore
far across the sea

where will you go?
i don't know
what will you do?
i'll do something new

well good things come to those who wait
but wait too long could be too late
so let us never hesitate
and hit the road today

we're not getting any younger
and this urge is growing stronger
so let's not wait any longer
and here's what we'll say

where will you go?
i don't know
what will you do?
i'll do something new