Holding On

by Dan Kemp

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released August 24, 2016

Recorded by Ash Ludd
Artwork by Suzi Kemp - www.suzikemp.com
First three songs written and performed by Dan Kemp on Guitar and Fiddle
Sovay is a traditional English song learnt from the version by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick and adapted/arranged by Dan Kemp.



all rights reserved


Dan Kemp Bristol, UK

Dan is a folk singer and fiddle player with occasional forays into punk and ska music. He sings and plays wherever he gets the chance, whether that's busking around Europe, performing at a punk gig or playing the fiddle at a folk session. He is also a member Will Tun and the Wasters and regularly collaborates with Ash Victim ... more

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Track Name: Holding On
There's been a search for freedom as long as there's been man
and since there's been oppression there's been those who make a stand
but through all the injustice there are those who still believe
that people can live together in peace and harmony

so keep holding on
it's darkest before the dawn
we'll welcome in a bright new morn
as we keep holding on

and there have been rebels as long as there's been kings
folk as free as birds before those who clipped their wings
people who died on their feet instead of bend the knee
and refused to wear the yoke and iron chains of tyranny

so you comrades of Wat Tyler, friends of Thomas Paine
of Sparticus in ancient Rome the CNT in Spain
The Diggers of St. Georges Hill, Ned Ludd and Captain Swing
Who fought throughout the ages, to hear freedoms bells ring

and they infiltrate, co-opt us or their armies crush us down
but there are always more of us to rise up from the ground
and we will never give up, cos we know we're in the right
and one day we just might, win this fight
Track Name: Paradise
What will you say when your grand children ask, what was it like in the past?
When the tide has rised, when pollution clouds the sky, and asphalt has covered all the grass

Will you tell them that you just stood by, as they paved over paradise
you where too busy with your life,
to do any more, didn't want to break the law
some things are worth fighting for

Did water you can drink once flow from the rocks did the soil once bear crops?
did animals dwell in the forests dark dell, did the birds fill the air with their flocks?
Did forests once stretch across continents, could you leave the town and breath the clean air?
did your greed drive you on, did you destroy for fun, or did you just not care?

Why did you ignore the signs why did you ingore the science when they told us something must be done
When there was still time, we could have changed our line but we stuck our course and now it's all gone
where once tall trees did stand, where once lay fertile land,
is paved over strip mined or dead
how we let it go, did we just not know or did we happily go where we where led?

What will you say when your grandchildren ask, what was it like in the past
when the desert has spread, the oceans are dead and food supplies are running out fast

oh well we went to the woods, we did all we could
but they would not listen though it was for their own good
and blinded by 'economics' they couldn't see the growth
short term profits at the expense of the things that matter most
money doesn't grow on trees which made it hard for them to see
the value in diversity, that natures gifts aren't all for free
and we'll pay the cost eventually, but the real tragedy
is the ones who'll pay the most, will be those who have the least.
Track Name: Wasters' Oddysey
Arising in the morning to start another day
rub the sleep out of our eyes we'll soon be on our way
a bitter brew of coffee to try and rouse the brain
then it's in the van to another town to do it all again

we'll make a stop so we can stock up on food and booze
it's meant to be a quick one but it takes an hour or two
then at last we're speeding down the road on our way to the show
our soundcheck time is looming but we've still got miles to go

this is the life for me, travelling cross the land and sea
we've got the crew to make it through this wasters oddysey
we've had arguments disasters and we've pretty much wrecked the van
but every night we're giving it all we can

Looks like we might just make it but we're cutting it pretty tight
but then disaster strikes we take a left instead of a right
looks like we've missed our soundcheck i suppose that is a pity
but tonight at least we've all made it to the right city

the next day it's the same but tonight it's in a squat
there's a threat of eviction and the roof is full of rot
but it's bloody rammed we get food and booze and we even get paid
better than most the 'professional' venues we have ever played

we're meant to be playing at a festival today
but the cops have come along to take the sound system away
but that will never stop us it's a good job that we came
cos a folk punk set's the best way to get the party going again

god knows how much we've smoked or drank in our quest of pain and pleasure
we've found ourselves and fucked ourselves in almost equal measure
but now its nearly over i'm just glad we came
and so grateful to to everyone who helped us on our way!