The Best Laid Plans

by Dan Kemp

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I wrote most of these songs within the last year and they are basically my way with dealing with once again being stranded in the town where I grew up.

The tracks were recorded during 2 or 3 evenings at Jordan (aka Ash Victim)s house using his home made condenser mics. They're not particularly polished (or indeed necessarily finished) but i felt like i just had to get something new out there or I never would. Tracks 6 and 7 were sketchy recordings I did myself at home.

I would like to particularly thank my sister, Suzi Kemp for doing the beautiful artwork at ridiculously short notice and doing a fantastic job. check her stuff out at

Also sorry mum, I said a few swear words. I thought about recording clean versions of the songs but I wanted to sing them how I wrote them.

Thanks to: Suzi, Ash Victim, Mum and Dad, all my friends both near and far away. xx


released April 1, 2013

Ash Victim- recording and mixing
Suzi Kemp- inking and drawing
Dan 'Brambles' Kemp- wailing and thrashing



all rights reserved


Dan Kemp Bristol, UK

Dan is a folk singer and fiddle player with occasional forays into punk and ska music. He sings and plays wherever he gets the chance, whether that's busking around Europe, performing at a punk gig or playing the fiddle at a folk session. He is also a member Will Tun and the Wasters and regularly collaborates with Ash Victim ... more

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Track Name: Best Laid Plans
I'm getting restless 'cos my best laid plans are going nowhere
I'm stressed and and i keep feeling like I'll be a failure
Been thinking about what life is, and what it means to me
But it'll just keep happening anyway 'till i die and I'm set free

I've realised that life is what you make it
And I could photosynthesise or grow some balls and take it
Pretty much anywhere that i want to go
but for my hyperactive mind everything's too slow

In some ways I'm quite sorted right now
And I'm pretty comfortable
But that's the problem I feel stifled and choked

I suppose I never really fell far from the tree
I'm my fathers son in every way and he want's to be proud of me
But the plans that he made when he was eighteen
Fell down by the wayside but those are still his dreams

I hope in all my ramblings i can help to explain
Just a part of how i feel in case you feel the same
I'm sure I'm not the only one in fact I bet there's loads
of people out there who are feeling fucked up scared and alone
Track Name: Walls
Today I need to just shout out how I'm feeling
to this empty room because this month has left me reeling
I'm trying to express the most fundamental feelings
through these guttural noises and the syllables I'm screaming

These four walls know my secrets and my fears
I've rattled at these windows with my problems all these years
cos there's something liberating about shouting out the truth
these songs are my prayers

I've no appetite for fancy words this page sits far to still
I've been staring at these flashing screens until I'm feeling ill
I've got this unspecific longing for something that might fulfill
and right now bashing at these battered strings is the only thing that willl

I'm sheltering inside today, outside it's cold and grey
but the truth is it's inside my head where things aren't ok
and all those nagging little problems I tried my best to keep at bay
are now getting so persistent it's too hard to concentrate

My voice is getting ragged and my breath keeps running out
my tongue keeps getting twisted and my mind is full of doubts
it's so hard to find the meaning in these words that i spout
But there is liberty in honesty and that's what I care about
Track Name: Lonely Hearts of London
We found company in the dark of the club,
the music was deafning and the lights down low
On a cold winter night we left our friends, walked down the road
and waited for an age to get three night busses home

two lonely hearts in london town tonight
talk it through in stunted sentances 'till everything seems alright
but when we awake in that cold moring light
there's still two lonely hearts in london town tonight

Whiskey from a plastic bottle kept us warm inside
I could see that look of longing as we caught each others eye
spent fifteen quid just getting in, my mate sam got kicked out
but when we met up on the dancefloor i could see there were no doubt...

In unfamiliar streets full of unsmiling faces
the hum of the city as we passed though different places
spent my last two quid getting on that last bus
though it was full of people all that mattered there was us

As I walked past endless rows of houses on those city streets
into the bright white sky reached the bare black branches of the trees
I wondered as i wandered off if we'd ever meet again
and if we'd ever find someone we'd stay with till the end